365 days to better photography

Day 3

January 3, 2011

Woo hoo!  I made it 3 whole days and my internet was even down most of today (I broke it last night…no idea how…spent a good hour between then and 6pm unplugging and re-plugging stuff in to no avail.  My husband gets home and has it back up in 10 minutes.)

Today was Blake’s toddler class.  Better known as free time for Mommy.  It’s only an hour-long and since he’s not potty trained I can’t really leave the premise of the Rec Center but it’s still nice.  I can carry on an uninterrupted conversation with the other moms (usually about our kids, go figure) or screw around on the internet with my phone or do what I did today and go outside to take pictures.  Plus Blake gets to learn how to listen to other adults and play with other kids.  Win-Win.

Let me tell you it is SOOOOOO much easier to take pictures with out my toddler present.  It’s amazing how much easier it is.  Here’s today’s batch.  An unassuming rusty tree grate cover thingy-whatever it’s called and probably the last we’ll be seeing of the soldier/nutcracker until next Thanksgiving.

Oh and have I really gone two days without a picture of my child?  That’s probably going to be some sort of record.


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