365 days to better photography

Day 11

January 11, 2011

I’m official impressed with myself.  I’ve made it 11 days.

Today I was low on time and feeling uninspired.  I forgot my camera at home when Blake and I went to his music class and had stuff to do pretty much for the rest of the afternoon after we arrived home.  I started wandering around the bedroom looking for something, anything to photograph.  I didn’t really want to unroll the fleece and attempt to get the babe to smile.  I didn’t really have time.  I found this rosary my Grandmother gifted me a few years ago.  I don’t identify as Catholic anymore and I haven’t in many many years but I find there is something beautiful almost mystical about a rosary and the glass case this one came in adds to its brilliance.  For these pictures I placed my piece of Plexiglas over one of my black shirts.

The reflection on the bottom of the first picture is actually caused by my bedspread. I wasn’t sure if I liked the added external color but it’s kind of growing on me.


I’m still mostly shooting in Aperture Priority….one of these days I’ll get more confidence and move up to full manual.  Have I mentioned I’m really loving light room…even though 90% of the time I don’t really know what I’m doing and I’m positive I’ve only scratched the surface of its potential.


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