365 days to better photography

Day 15

January 15, 2011

15 days down 350 more to go!!  I’m already being challenged.

I am addicted to caffeine truly and completely addicted.  Preferably in the form of good coffee.  I love coffee.  My mother-in-law knows this.  She also knows my favorite color is purple and gifted me these beautiful coffee cups.

I love the rich color of black coffee but I felt I was misrepresenting myself.  Plus I wanted to actually drink it so I added my customary Splenda and milk.

As a comparison I took this last photo in Auto instead of Aperture Priority or Manual.  It’s not a bad picture but it certainly doesn’t represent the actual color of the cup. It really is a deep deep purple.  Plus the compulsory flash blew a few spots and at least for me I don’t think a 1/60 shutter speed completely eliminates camera shake.

In other news I ordered Lightroom 3 and a few more photography books last night.  I am VERY excited.

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