365 days to better photography

Day 37

February 6, 2011

More cold. More snow.  Last night’s snow was a little wetter than we have been having lately so it was sticking to the trees.

Last night when I took the Sam out before going to bed I was amazed at much light was reflecting off the snow.  It was a little past midnight I grabbed my tripod and shot from inside my kitchen.  I spot metered for the snow that was on the ground. There was an orange-y color cast so I converted them to black and white. Check out those shutter speeds (just hover the mouse over the pictures for exposure info)

This morning/early afternoon the wind hadn’t blow the snow off the trees yet so I took a few more pictures.  It was semi-overcast and I tried to meter for the sky.

I was about to try to shoot one more picture with the sun peeking out from directly behind a branch when a clump of snow fell directly on my head and splattered a few drops on my lens and body.  I just know that picture would have been perfect 😛




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