365 days to better photography

Day 57

February 26, 2011

Today while The Babe was supposed to be napping I went for a two-hour walk near my home.  It was beautiful.  I walked through a few fields and over to the lake that supplies our city’s water.

The sun was just barely behind the dam silhouetting the plants perfectly.

It was just before 5pm and the sun was pretty harsh but reflecting on the ice in a very pretty way.  It was too harsh to really even see my settings so I meter off the sky and water.  Those pictures came out with a very ugly green flare.  The picture below I was just playing with my settings to see how fast I could get my shutter speed and still have the picture come out.  I wasn’t  really expecting anything grand.  It’s probably my favorite picture today.

Here’s a “properly” exposed picture of the lake with the sun kind of behind and to the left.

On a side note, I am depressingly out of shape.  My 2.5ish mile walk completely wiped me out.


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