365 days to better photography


Day 173

June 22, 2011

Finished cupcake stand and a Summer evening

Cupcake stand made using this awesome tutorial from Jill at Baby Rabies


Day 169

June 18, 2011

The card I made Aaron for Father’s day using Blake’s hand print.  (I got the idea by following a pin on Pinterest to here)

Day 136

May 16, 2011

More cupcakes. The finished product.

It’s kind of crazy three years ago (you know when I actually had large expanses of time without a wee person hanging on me) I never would have dreamed of making monkey cupcakes.  Now look at me enjoying the crafty bakey stuff…I never dreamed I would be a stay at home mom either…let alone that I would absolutely love it.  It’s interesting where life takes you.  Okay enough of the rambling on to the pictures.

I used this cake and icing recipe and this tutorial for the monkey face

I didn’t make two dozen faces so I actually followed the recipe and topped the rest with a cookie.

Day 131

May 11, 2011

Painting on a rainy day.

Blake decided he absolutely hates the store-bought plastic smocks so I  ordered this one from this cute Etsy Shop.  It is very well made and the owner was very quick (ordered Friday evening, received with Monday’s mail).  Blake loves it as evidenced by him actually wearing it.

Day 66

March 7, 2011

Oil and water.  I’ve seen this idea floating around the internet and decided to try it.  I held up a glass Pyrex dish with two boxes from the pantry and put a few of Blake’s paintings underneath. It was harder than I expected.  It was having difficulty focusing but I got a few decent shots and then tried manual focus with so-so results.  Still it was a fun experiment.

In the next two pictures I added a little food coloring to the water/olive oil and placed it over a different painting.

Day 43

February 12, 2011

Another long one.  I took a bunch of pictures of the Valentines box Blake made to send to his Grandma and cousins since it’s unlikely we’ll be there to participate in the contest they’re having.  Plus I’m trying to get used to my new lens.


I had Blake paint the entire box with whatever colors he wanted.  Then over a few days we started gluing stuff on.

The top:   We glued (I positioned Blake did used a glue stick) the hearts I cut out from sparkly foam.  Blake also glued on a pom-pom

Right Side:  Blake Glued on a heart with my help

Front:  I used a shape puncher to cut out some shapes from some old pink wrapping paper.  Blake chose where they went and manned the glue stick while I put the shapes he wanted where he wanted them to go.

Left side: another foam heart

Bottom: Just painted


Back: Foam hears pom-poms (one of which Blake decided several days later he didn’t want on there and tore it off) and shaped sequins.  For the sequins I manned the glue while Blake placed them


and just for fun our Valentine’s window clings



Day 39

February 8, 2011

So my I have a little bit of a cold or maybe allergies has morphed into I’m definitely sick.  I had to make myself get up and take a few pictures while the Babe naps so I wouldn’t miss a day.  I metered off the heart.  I think it’s interesting how different the wood looks.  I think I’m going to go relax before Blake wakes up.

Day 30

January 30, 2011

Yesterday my new external flash arrived in the mail.  It’s a Canon Speedlite 430EX II.  I’m very excited.  I think I will always prefer natural light but it will be nice to capture the indoor and low light moments without the harsh glare of the pop up.  I read the manual yesterday and I have a feeling it’s going to have a steep learning curve but it should be fun!

Here’s a picture of one of the crafts Blake and I are doing for Valentines day.  It was taken with my new flash bouncing off the window behind me.

Then I went back to natural light and took several pictures of our Galileo Thermometer.

These pictures still seem a little gray even though I did set a custom white balance for the last two pictures.  I think I need to get a gray card and start setting the WB in post processing.

Day 20

January 20, 2011

Today we went to story time at the local library.  The theme today was cowboys and girls and the craft was these adorable hats.  The light was okay but with all the commotion I switched back to Aperture Priority.  Here’s Blake showing off his hat

I think I need to have my screen calibrated or maybe my phone is off.  When I edited these in Lightroom and Photoshop Elements 8 the color looked decent.  Now and on my phone it seems gray.  There are so many aspects of photography and post processing I never even imagined.  Eventually I’ll figure this all out.


Day 6

Jamuary 6, 2011

Today was story time at our local library.  We attended the 2+ session for the first time.  At one point Blake was more interested in standing on his head than he was in the book the librarian was reading but he’s learning.

There is a playground right outside the doors of the library.  Blake was more interested in the ice and left over snow than the structure today.

After story time we went to the craft store and picked up some Valentine’s Day supplies

I had fun spelling his name in the sequins.

While this last one was edited just as much as the ones above it was taken in full manual.  A big step for me.