365 days to better photography


Day 139

May 19, 2011

It’s still raining and I’m sooo tired of it!!!!  So here are some pictures of Sam!  He’s cute and he won’t go outside because he’s the wimpiest dog on the planet.  He is sweet though!


Day 17

January 17, 2011

I took a small step outside of my comfort zone and spent most of the time shooting in full Manual.  It was kind of difficult, especially with a squirmy subject who looks anywhere but at you when you break out the camera. (Little Stinker…I see bribery in my future).  I’m learning and becoming slightly more comfortable with it every time I take away the training wheels of Aperture Priority (and hey I’ve come a very very long way from shooting everything in full auto).  These picture aren’t perfect but my child is cute. 🙂

My sweet lazy dog pretending he’s anything other than a giant wimp. (Note:he was afraid of the grass when he was a puppy)

Throwing a ball and looking anywhere but at the camera.

Hey he’s looking at me!!!!!!!  I think this is the only picture of direct eye contact today!

and where back to looking away

This is the only one I’m posting today that wasn’t taken in Manual and further it’s proof that my child doesn’t look at the camera.  I promise I’m not torturing him.  He even says “smile” when I break it out but then quickly looks a different direction.