365 days to better photography

Old Structures

Day 130

May 10, 2011

Blake and I visited Littleton Museum where they have two farms one from the 1860’s and one from the 1890’s.  It fun and free ( I did leave a donation).

First we said hi to the muleand were glared at by the cows

Chase after some wayward lambs who escaped their enclosureClimbed around while attempting to pet said lambsBlake’s Favorite part.  Climbing all over old farm equipmentWhile he did that I took pictures

Checking out an old wagonFlowers by the patha small lakeAs usual we were out and about while the sun was high.  One of these days I’ll take advantage of the golden hours.


Day 128

May 8, 2011

Mother’s Day

We spent several hours exploring Golden Gate Canyon State Park

There was an old homestead

and a giant piece of rose quartz