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Day 19

January 19, 2011

Today was fun.  The toddler kind of cooperated and I got some cute picture. I should title this post the many faces of Blake.

I have a feeling this isn’t the last I will be seeing of this particular expression.  He doesn’t even know what it means (yet) but he’s master the eye roll with disturbing accuracy.

When Blake got tired of the camera I moved on to the envelopes we’ve mad to stuff with Valentines.

All of these were shot in manual (Yay!)



Day 4

January 4, 2011

I think I need to start taking fewer pictures.  Between taking, uploading to the computer, editing and, uploading to the internet I’m spending quite a bit of time on this project.  But I’m really learning a lot and having fun.

Here is Blake and the wand he insisted on getting at the craft/fabric store yesterday.  His cousin received a wand for Christmas and he coveted it big time.  This one only cost $1.  Notice the pretty fleece in the back ground… I spent 3 hours wash/drying and ironing it yesterday.  The felt I had been using just wasn’t big enough.

Lest you think I’m feminizing my child (honestly, I don’t really care) here is a picture of the wand and his train.  Really he just likes the trains too and that’s what he happened to be playing with.

Have I mentioned how much I love this kid because I do.  He’s pretty awesome

Even though he’s loud and currently refusing to nap in his crib….I predict a cranky evening.

But usually he’s so fun and silly

He can even do a summersault

I turned my camera over to raw in the last two pictures and I really enjoyed messing with the sliders while I was converting it.  The only other editing I did in PSE8 was adding the watermark.  I wonder if I’ll need more memory in the future because I think I’m going to leave it in the Raw+Fine Jpeg setting.

Day 3

January 3, 2011

Woo hoo!  I made it 3 whole days and my internet was even down most of today (I broke it last night…no idea how…spent a good hour between then and 6pm unplugging and re-plugging stuff in to no avail.  My husband gets home and has it back up in 10 minutes.)

Today was Blake’s toddler class.  Better known as free time for Mommy.  It’s only an hour-long and since he’s not potty trained I can’t really leave the premise of the Rec Center but it’s still nice.  I can carry on an uninterrupted conversation with the other moms (usually about our kids, go figure) or screw around on the internet with my phone or do what I did today and go outside to take pictures.  Plus Blake gets to learn how to listen to other adults and play with other kids.  Win-Win.

Let me tell you it is SOOOOOO much easier to take pictures with out my toddler present.  It’s amazing how much easier it is.  Here’s today’s batch.  An unassuming rusty tree grate cover thingy-whatever it’s called and probably the last we’ll be seeing of the soldier/nutcracker until next Thanksgiving.

Oh and have I really gone two days without a picture of my child?  That’s probably going to be some sort of record.

Day 2

January 2, 2011

My grandpa who passed away over 11 years ago made awesome wooden toys. Here are a few of the smaller ones

Later he stamped every thing with a logo even though he only made them for friends and family.  His initials were C.E.F.

Day 1

January 1, 2011

I played with my camera today…. a lot.  And then I kicked my husband off the desk top an played in PSE 8 even more.  I narrowed the ~175 pictures down to seven.  So I’ll be sharing them all today.

My to read pile is giant and my book shelf is out of commission until we get it anchored to the wall so stacks of beautiful books are what I have now.

One of said books.  My copy of the Constitution.

Playing with the Plexiglass floor.

The Christmas tree came down today.  The Holiday season is officially over.

Every year my husband and I buy one of these hand blown bulbs at a little glass shop in the mountains.  We’ve been doing it since our first Christmas together in 2000.  It’s really a deep purple but I couldn’t get the color right no matter how hard I tried.