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Day 187

July 6. 2011

Blake and I met Aaron for lunch and then headed over to Littleton Museum.  (here’s last time we went)

Not long after we got there it started raining but as the motto goes “wait 5 minutes and the weather will change.”  We were in an open field when it hit.  We raced toward the school house and holed up for a bit.  It wasn’t long before it was only a sprinkle and we made our way back to discovering the farm.

I love when he get this expression.  He’s just fascinated by all sorts of things.  Here it’s the sheep in their pen.A bird actually sat still long enough to take its picturePhoto & Video Sharing by SmugMugThis snake was practically posing for me on the fence.  The ones in our yard slither away very fastRain on the leavesThe lake.  If I had a fishing license and brought one of Aaron’s poles I never would have gotten Blake out of there.More water on leavesThe pregnant cowNo fair.  My sunflowers are no where near blooming.


Day 177

June 26, 2011

Renaissance Festival

So much fun.  Many many years ago I actually spent a month working weekends at the Renaissance Festival.  It’s a lot of work but fun.

First we caught part a show.  Johnny Fox! Sword Swallower Extraordinaire.

Birds of Prey

BlBlake wasn’t sure what to think about jumping on the trampoline attached to bungees

But had fun after a few minutes

We caught the end of another show: Tribal Circus

And finally, rode  we rode an elephant.  Blake asks almost every day if we can go ride the elephant again