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Day 255

September 12, 2011

Butterfly Pavilion


Day 163

June 12,2011

Day 120

April 30, 2011

Today we went to the Butterfly Pavilion

Butterfly foodOne butterfly was still the other was frantically fluttering.  I’m happy this picture turned out so well since the shutter speed was slow (1/25) and I was hand holding the cameraOne of the things I love about the Butterfly Pavilion is that there is always different flowering plants.  Today I photographed Heliconia Rostrata (Lobster Claw)

Day 88

March 29, 2011

We went to the Butterfly Pavilion again today. We were there to meet up with some other moms and kids so I didn’t take many pictures.  The elusive blue butterfly who I can almost never photography was down low and still.  This type of butterfly is usually flying high and fast.  I was happy to have the chance to photograph him I just hope he wasn’t sick or injured.

Day 50

February 19, 2011

We went over to the Butterfly Pavilion today for a few hours.

First we hit the indoor exhibits where we saw the tarantulas and other bugs including this one that looks like a leaf. The  low light caused me to bump the ISO up.

Next we went out to the actual pavilion where the humidity fogged up my lens and I had to wipe the moisture off.

These next two were pictures of opportunity while I saw it while I was taking a picture of a nearby flower.  These ended up being my favorite pictures of the day.

Since Blake refused to look at the camera I got a picture of him snuggling with his daddy.

I popped back into Aperture priority for a lot of these pictures but I still think they turned out okay.