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Day 107

April 17, 2011

Trees  I’m not sure what the first one is and the second is our aspen tree


Day 52

February 21, 2011

Today has been a long but fun day.  First, Blake and I went to a meet up at a coffee shop with another mom and baby.  Then since we were close to Aaron’s work we picked him up and had lunch.  Then we ran to the toy store to pick up a present for our neighbors first birthday.  We barely made it to his party in time.  It was fun with cake and ice cream and presents.  (And some of my better pictures of the day but I don’t want to put them up without his parents’ permission.)  Aaron got home and we ran over to the park for a few minutes to try out Blake’s new kite.  It was cold and getting dark so the pictures aren’t awesome but we had fun.

Day 28

January 28, 2011

Have I mentioned how much the weather and sunshine affect my mood because they really really do.  Today was an amazingly beautiful 65 degree day! The babe and I walked/rode his tricycle over to the park.  A few of the kids shared their kites.  It was so much fun!