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Day 213

August 1, 2011


Day 170

June 19, 2011

My neighbor’s rose bush

Assignment from the photography class I took.  When something all white or all black is being photographed it tricks the camera’s meter so you have to over or under expose based on the cameras reading to expose correctly.

-2 EV

-1 EV

0 EV


+1.33 EV

+2 EV

-2 EV

-1 EV

0 EV

+1 EV

+2 EV

Day 45

February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine’s Day

Here are pictures of the beautiful flowers my husband gave me ❤

I’ve been playing with my new lens.  I’m not sure the focus is perfect.  In the picture of the white lily I know I toggled the focus to be right on the tip of the stamina but clearly the focus falls behind it. It definitely could be user error so I need to play with it more.  It is very nice being able to go down to a focal length of 28 in my house.


Day 5

January 5, 2011

Yesterday Aaron and Blake ran out and when they came back they had these roses.  I could hear Aaron whispering in the background saying give these to Mommy and say “I love you!’ It was sweet.  Blake came down to see me and refused to hand them over.  He just kept smelling them.  I had to pull one out and give it to him before he would hand me the bunch.

Today I took pictures.

I’m not quite ready to completely shoot in Manual but all these are shot in AV Priority and I adjusted the ISO and focus points as needed.  Oh and can I just say I’m LOVING playing with the Raw files.