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Day 193

July 12,2011

Lots of rain more garden pics

Zucchini Squash
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Oregano about to flower

Lots of Basil.  So much I found a yummy pesto recipe so it wouldn’t go ti waste




Day 171

June 20, 2011

Purple Flowers

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Day 168

June 17, 2011

Parsley that comes up where the hose drips every few years.Sage

Tree about to bloom

Day 167

June 16, 2011

Day 160

June 9 , 2011

Yard and Garden

Day 158

June 7, 2011

What Blake’s face looked like after licking the frosting beaterThis chocolate butter cream is amazing .     These cupcakes are pretty awesome tooI’ve never seen sage bloom but the fresh leaves I bought at the store to use in a recipe  and ended up rooting in water has this beautiful flower.  I hope it means it healthy.


The time plant I just bought is also flowering