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Day 122

May 2, 2011

Snow in May is just nor right!  At least it was sunny.  Even if I find that snow falling down while the sun shines a little odd.


Day 56

February 25, 2011

It snowed just a little bit last night and this morning.   Here are a few pictures of our lilac bushes.

Blake is still a little under the weather but he hasn’t thrown up since before 10 pm last night which was around the time his 102* fever broke.  He did wake up with a very low fever 100.4* but it hasn’t spiked.  He’s been alternating between playing and snuggling all day and has even eaten some apple sauce.  Poor little guy.  Last night was scary because he went from not feeling at all hot and playing like normal to being very sick in a very short amount of time.  I’m happy it was short-lived.

Why yes those are Christmas pajamas.  They still fit so he still wears them 😛

Day 37

February 6, 2011

More cold. More snow.  Last night’s snow was a little wetter than we have been having lately so it was sticking to the trees.

Last night when I took the Sam out before going to bed I was amazed at much light was reflecting off the snow.  It was a little past midnight I grabbed my tripod and shot from inside my kitchen.  I spot metered for the snow that was on the ground. There was an orange-y color cast so I converted them to black and white. Check out those shutter speeds (just hover the mouse over the pictures for exposure info)

This morning/early afternoon the wind hadn’t blow the snow off the trees yet so I took a few more pictures.  It was semi-overcast and I tried to meter for the sky.

I was about to try to shoot one more picture with the sun peeking out from directly behind a branch when a clump of snow fell directly on my head and splattered a few drops on my lens and body.  I just know that picture would have been perfect 😛



Day 31

January 31, 2011

This was my view at the rec center today.  It was about 15 degrees.  Tomorrow’s high is predicted to be -2!  It’s just a little bit different than it was exactly a week ago on Day 24.  I wish today and every day was more like Day 28.


In other news I’ve made it an entire month!!!  (only 11 more to go)


Day 13

January 13, 2011

I’m feeling kind of uninspired.  It’s kind of difficult finding something new to photograph every day.  Especially when it’s cold and dreary.

Today was story time at the library.  When we went outside to play in the park this is what we encountered.

When we got home I was trying to think of things to photograph.  I decided on my other lens.  I can’t see the big E on a vision chart without these little pieces of plastic

I also found some beads in a box.  They’re sparkly.

Day 10

January 10, 2011

The things I do for my child.

The snow stopped falling today. Then the temperature dropped the high was 12 degrees.  Twelve frigid degrees.  If I had my way I would have been locked inside wearing sweats and drinking spiked hot cocoa.  Unfortunately we had to be up and dressed for toddler class.  Blake really enjoys it so we dusted the car off and braved the roads.  Another unfortunate thing is that my child has somehow someway developed a love for icy blanket covering our yard.  So after arriving home we bundled up and went out side.

At least it wasn’t yellow

How in the world can I deprive him of this?  I guess I’ll have to learn to tolerate the cold

I also recently downloaded a 30 day trial of Adobe Lightroom 3.  I’m loving it.

Day 9

January 9, 2011

It has been snowing and frigidly cold all day today.  I hate snow and cold with a deep fiery passion but I have to admit it makes a decent subject.  These were all taken from the relative comfort of my kitchen.  I just opened the Arcadia door and started shooting.  I decided to focus more on the shutter speed today and made a rare trip to the TV (shutter priority) section of my camera.  I think the differences in the falling snow is interesting.  I put the shutter speed under each picture and you can see the aperture if you hover over it.  At 1/8 you can barely tell it’s snowing.  As the shutter speed increases it becomes crystal clear.