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Day 48

February 17, 2011

More loosely defined macros.  These are the fully open lilies that were in my Valentine’s Day flowers.  They are beautiful.  It’s unfortunate that I am allergic.  I knew I was allergic to Tiger Lilies but now I’m wondering if I’m allergic to all Lilies.  I cut off the worst offenders after I caught Blake sniffling too.  The sure are pretty though and I’m loving the detail I’m getting with my new lens!


Day 46

February 15, 2011

Why oh why do things happen that I want to photography seem to always occur in horrible light? Today was a beautiful day but the afternoon light was very harsh!

Blake is starting to recognize letters and numbers and touches them when he sees them.

I also attempted week 7 of the Two Peas Tutorial.  The assignment is about macro photography.   I do not have a true macro lens so I used the 75mm end of my new 28-75mm. The next two pictures fit the loose definition of a small item larger than life-size.

Next I realized that my child is like me.  I always stick my tongue out when I’m concentrating!

Geese.  I strongly dislike geese but they are pretty.



Day 42

February 11, 2011

Settle in it’s going to be a long and random post.

First up I attempted the third part of the Two Peas week 6 tutorial. “Position your subject so that he/she/it is parallel to the window, while you are perpendicular to the window.”  Plus even while sick and teething my kid is cute.  Whiny but cute.  I probably could have gotten away with posting one of these pictures but I love his expressions.

My new camera bag/ purse arrived in the mail yesterday. So far I really like it but I think I’m going to have to get a case for another lens to stick in the personal belongings area.  The padded box only holds my camera with a lens on it and either my  or another lens.  There are going to be times where I’ll want my camera two lenses and my flash.  It does hold a couple of diapers, wipes, disposable changing pad, my wallet, keys, and face wipes with plenty of room left over.  I think I’ll even be able to fit my water bottle in one of the external pockets.

Just because my kid is cute and for a little while this afternoon he wasn’t a whiny mess of sick and teething.  I don’t normally allow him to stand on the coffee table but I was standing up there to get a better angle of my bag and he was copying.  Silly boy.

I got another package from UPS today.  I’ve been agonizing going back and for about this lens for weeks.  A few days a go I finally hit the purchase button!  I’m very excited to start playing with it.

By the time I got it on my camera I was losing daylight so I just snapped a few pictures of a craft Blake and I are currently working on.

at 75mm

at 30mm

I think this will be a good out and about lens.  I really love the 50mm prime I have but it cab be limiting.  I look forward to learning how to use it!

Day 41

February 10, 2011

I can’t wait for Spring.  I’m tired of being cooped up inside and I’m running out of random subjects.  Today I decided to attempt parts of Week 6 of the Two Peas Tutorial. I used my uncle’s Buddha.  He passed away over 10 years ago and this figure made its way down to me through a few family members.  One of which didn’t take very good care of him, hence the nose chip.  I haven’t really done much with him because I’m afraid to cause more damage.  The wood stain rubs off even when dusting him with a dry cloth or q-tip so I try to leave him alone.  My uncle had him displayed for as long as I can remember so I’m very happy to have him.

None of the pictures were edited beyond slight cropping and adding the text.  I did part One of the tutorial “Position your subject in direct light and then reposition your subject in
indirect, or filtered, light.”  and part Four “try metering on the background light vs. metering on your subject and
setting the exposure for your subject.”


As #4 in the tutorial suggests I metered off the background instead of the subject to see the difference in exposure.  Clearly it is very under exposed.

Then I moved the Buddha a few feet to the left so that the light from the window wasn’t directly on him.  I think a few clouds may have covered the sun at this point because the light changed a little more. I had to bump up the ISO a little to keep my shutter speed high enough to hand hold.

And then I metered off the background again.

The differences between the direct and indirect light were subtle but noticeable.  However the differences between metering on the dark brown subject and the white fleece in the background were significant!

Day 36

February 5, 2011

Another cold snowy day.  I set up Blake’s train track on the coffee table so we could play this afternoon and left it there so I could take pictures.  I tried to incorporate more of the the week 5 of the Two Peas tutorial again and some other composition rules I’m familiar with.  I’m still learning about my flash but today I broke it out out of necessity.  I bounced it off of our white ceilings.  I tried to keep an eye out for the rule of thirds, leading lines, and different perspectives.

Day 34

February 3, 2011

Today was one of those days where being a mom and gross went hand in hand.  I’ll spare you to many of the details but after story time I took Blake over to an indoor play area.  I forked over the almost $8 bucks to get in and then we left less than 20 minutes later because I rarely remember to bring an extra pair of pants for the babe anymore.    He got a nice long bath when we got home!   So no pictures from the play place today.  We still have the grossness of potty training to look forward too…blech.

After the I put Blake down for a nap I decided to at least attempt week 5 of the Two Peas Tutorial: Composition.

I usually loosely keep the rule of thirds in mind so that wasn’t difficult.  Also, the cropping tool in Lightroom defaults to a grid divided into thirds.  The baby’s head is right at two intersecting lines.

In this picture I applied the rule of thirds (the intersecting line is right at the spot where all three heads meet) and filled the frame (as much as could with my 50mm 1.8 lens)

And thanks to my mother-in-law who gave us this beautiful figure right after Blake was born. 🙂



Day 27

January 27, 2011

Today I tackled part 3 of Week 4 of the Two Peas Tutorial assignment (I couldn’t do part 1 because it’s sunny or  part 2 because Blake refused to look at me and Aaron declined when I asked him to be my subject).  This assignment was called  Use fill flash to combat backlighting on a shadowed subject.  Honestly I never really though about forcing my flash to go off outside on a sunny day. I placed the bird feeder in a shadow and started shooting.  I have to admit that using the flash didn’t come natural to me.  I had to adjust my aperture to compensate for the fact that I couldn’t use a shutter speed faster than 1/200 and I think I still kind of blew the back ground. The subject did come out a little brighter than without flash.  I have an external flash ordered (and on its way) so it should be interesting learning to how use it. It will be nice to use it indoors.

and just for fun I took a few more pictures (without flash and with editing).  I think the beads make this bird feeder.

Day 22

January 22, 2011

Today I attempted Week 3 of the Two Peas Tutorial.  Essentially I was trying to see how the different white balance setting affect pictures.

An important note is these pictures were taken in front of my living room window so there was quite a bit of natural indirect light. (oh and don’t mind the typos I’m to lazy to go fix them after the pictures have bee up loaded)

Honestly in this instance I think I prefer the Auto White Balance.  I don’t think the white paper I used to set the custom white balance was place quite properly so it didn’t pick up the slight color cast from the wood.

And just because my kid is cute and tutorials are kind of boring…